Urth Organic

Urth Organic believes that a happier, healthier planet is achievable without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. 

Urth Organic is based on the belief that organic gardens should be easy & affordable for everyone. Our belief is based on the idea that this planet is a complex, high tech, brilliantly designed ecosystem more than capable of maintaining natural balance on its own.  Long before humans inhabited earth, our planet was populated with dense forests and vibrant plant life.  But over the course of time, humans discovered the potential for chemicals & pesticides to create rapid, short term plant growth and these new methods were widely adopted.

Today we are well aware of the dangerous side effects that comes along with using these products.  With that knowledge, we need to go back to the basics.  Scientific research has revealed the dynamic potential of the earth to naturally regulate its own biological systems.  Our revolutionary organic fertilizer,
Urth Plant, leverages these biological systems to fuel natural fertilization of soil.  These natural methods have proven to be more powerful, vibrant, and longer lasting than harmful chemicals & pesticides.  Even more importantly, our product honors the health of our environment, pushing the human race forward towards a more sustainable future.

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The man behind our science, Dr. William Jackson, Ph.D

Our lead scientist and the president of Environmental Care & Share, Dr. William Jackson, Ph.D, has pioneered some incredible innovations for the organic fertilizer industry.  

   Two of Dr. Jackson's books, HUMIC, FULVIC and MICROBIAL BALANCE: ORGANIC SOIL CONDITIONING and ENVIRONMENTAL CARE & SHARE, set the stage for the development of products that give people safe alternatives to the toxic and hazardous chemicals widely used today.

The negative impact of chemical fertilizers inspired Dr. Jackson to innovate organic methods that could help renew the soil, improve crop production, and help remove harmful chemicals from the human food chain.  The environments of birds, animals, and humans needed some care and there were problems that needed some answers.

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UrthPlant is a powerful ORGANIC fertilizer that feeds gardens the way nature intended.